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Eligibility for LRRP

The LRRP application period was from July 24, 2013 through November 15, 2013. The program is no longer accepting applications.  

Basic eligibility criteria for the LRRP program as described in the New Jersey Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery Action Plan for Superstorm Sandy include:

  • Property must have twenty-five (25) or fewer housing units;
  • Owner must certify that the property will be used for year-long rental housing and not as a second home or seasonal rental property;
  • Housing unit(s) must be vacant or, if occupied with tenants, have had repairs completed prior to LRRP application submission date;
  • Housing unit(s) must be rented to low-to-moderate income households after project completion;
  • Rents may not exceed thirty percent (30%) of monthly income for a household earning eighty percent (80%) of the Area Median Income (AMI); and
  • Property must have sustained damage from Superstorm Sandy and require rehabilitation or reconstruction.

Structures not eligible for LRRP funding include:

  • Manufactured homes (also known as mobile homes); and
  • Single Room Occupancy (SRO) units.

Owner income is not an eligibility factor for the LRRP program. The LRRP program is required to expend seventy percent (70%) of its funds on rental units located in the nine (9) counties most impacted by Sandy (Atlantic, Bergen, Cape May, Essex, Hudson, Middlesex, Monmouth, Ocean, Union). Thirty percent (30%) of program funds can be spent on Sandy-damaged rental dwelling units located outside of the most impacted counties.   While properties with twenty-five (25) or fewer housing units are eligible for the LRRP program, a preference for funding is given for:

  • Properties with seven (7) or fewer housing units;
  • Properties with mold remediation needs; and
  • Properties with housing units that will be dedicated for special needs populations.