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About the Landlord Rental Repair Program (LRRP)

The LRRP application period was from July 24, 2013 through November 15, 2013. The program is no longer accepting applications.

The State of New Jersey has allocated Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Disaster Recovery funds to LRRP, which is designed to restore rental properties that were damaged by Superstorm Sandy. The program provides up to $50,000 per storm-damaged unit to assist eligible landlords in repairing their residential rental properties. To be eligible for the award, the landlord must rent the assisted-unit(s) to low-to-moderate income (LMI) households at approved affordable rents following completion of repairs.

The LRRP award (maximum $50,000 per unit) is intended to “fill the gap” between the cost to repair the rental unit(s) and other funds the landlord has received to make those repairs, including insurance, SBA loan funds, and any assistance from other sources that were used for the repair of the structure. To determine the LRRP award, the other funds are added together and then subtracted from the cost to repair.

In addition to increasing the supply of affordable rental housing in areas that were damaged by Superstorm Sandy, LRRP is also serving to help revitalize storm-impacted neighborhoods.

To learn more about the program, please read the Landlord Rental Repair Program (LRRP) Program Manual.

One of the conditions of the use of CDBG Disaster Recovery funds is that the State of New Jersey complies with Section 414 of the federal Robert T. Stafford Relief and Emergency Assistance Act of 1974, which is commonly referred to as the “Stafford Act”. The policy adopted by the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs (DCA) to implement the provisions of Section 414 of the Stafford Act includes a requirement that landlords who apply to LRRP demonstrate an effort to notify those tenants who were residents of the storm-damaged property at the time of Superstorm Sandy that they may be eligible for relocation benefits.

In an instance where the landlord has been unable to make contact with a displaced tenant, DCA initiates additional outreach to locate the tenant. This website posting is to provide information to such tenants who occupied the below referenced properties at the time of the storm of possible relocation benefits under the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970.

If you are a tenant who occupied one of the following properties at the time of Superstorm Sandy, please contact DCA Program Manager Laurie Ann Doyle at or 609-292-6362:

Atlantic County

109 6th Street South, Brigantine

2000 McKinley Ave, Atlantic City

27 N. Annapolis Ave, Atlantic City

418 N. Suffolk Ave, Ventnor City

300 N. New York Ave, Atlantic City

12 Liberty Ter, Atlantic City

64 N. Laclede PL., Atlantic City NJ

38 Lake Superior Dr., Mystic Islands NJ

114 Sheridan Square, Brigantine NJ

20 N. Sovereign Ave., Atlantic NJ

33 N. Delancy PL., Atlantic NJ

3405 Winchester Ave., Atlantic City NJ

106 N. Cornwall Ave., Ventnor City NJ

107 N. Cambridge Ave., Ventnor City NJ

2501 Centennial Ave., Atlantic City NJ

1416 Madison Ave., Atlantic City NJ

307 Atlantic Avenue, Atlantic City NJ

112 N. Chelsea Ave., Atlantic City

2605 Monterey Ave., Atlantic City

700 N. Harrisburg Ave., Atlantic City

2327 Atlantic Ave., Atlantic City

202 N. Montpelier Ave., Atlantic City

3405 Winchester Ave., Atlantic City

101 N. Raleigh Ave., Atlantic City

519 Indiana Ave., Atlantic City

31 N. Raleigh Ave., Atlantic City

3020 Fairmount Ave., Atlantic City

811 – 813 Baltic Ave., Atlantic City

17 S. Weymouth Ave., Ventnor

326 N. Tennessee Ave., Atlantic City

604 Lafayette Blvd., Brigantine

2621 Fairmount Ave., Atlantic City

Bergen County

26 Grand St., Little Ferry NJ

Camden County

5534-36 Woodland Ave., Pennsauken

5540-42 Woodland Ave., Pennsauken

5552-5554 Woodland Ave., Pennsauken

Essex County

87 – 89 Treacy Ave., Newark

297 South 9th St., Newark

754 S. 19th Street, Newark

105 -107 Treacy Ave., Newark

543 N. Grove St., East Orange

19 Edwin Pl., Newark

512 S. 16th St., Newark

Middlesex County

123-139 S. Rosewell Ave., South Amboy NJ

19 Ferry Street, South River

Monmouth County

21-23 Snug Harbor Ave., Highlands

22-24 5th Street, Highlands

37 Waterwitch Ave, Highlands

54 Huddy Ave, Highlands

27 Grove Place, Keansburg

72 Bayview Ave, Keansburg

25 Twilight Ave, Keansburg

42 Oak St., Keansburg

 847 Arbordale Dr., Keyport

2012 Bangs Ave., Neptune

62A Bayview Ave, Union Beach

70 Spruce Ave, Union Beach

516 Front St., Union Beach NJ

803 St. Johns Ave., Union Beach NJ

810 Fifth St., Union Beach NJ

98-100 Raritan Ave., Keansburg NJ

1080A Ocean Ave., Sea Bright NJ

1229 Florence Ave., Union Beach NJ

16 Roosevelt Ave., Keansburg NJ

56 Oak Street, Keansburg NJ

23 Center Ave., Keansburg

150 Center Ave., Keansburg

14 Jahn St., Keansburg

22 – 24 Shore BLVD., Keansburg

60 Johnson LN., Keansburg

70 Bayview Ave., Keansburg

139 Bay Ave., Highlands

3 Oceanview Avenue, Keansburg

112 8th Avenue, Belmar

Ocean County

14 Staysail Dr., Little Egg Harbor

112 E. Anchor Dr., Little Egg Harbor

20 Julia Dr., Manahawkin

8 Lake Huron Dr., Mystic Island

411 6th Ave, Ortley Beach

316 Sumner Ave., Seaside Heights

24 Sampson Ave., Seaside Heights

305 Sampson Ave., Seaside Heights

327 Grant Ave, Seaside Heights

65 Sampson Ave, Seaside Heights

315 Franklin Ave, Seaside Heights

1617 Northwest Central Ave., Seaside Park

68 Decatur Ave., Seaside Park

122 11th Ave, Seaside Park

 273 W. 19th St, Ship Bottom

15 Pine Tree Rd, Toms River

314 Summer Avenue, Seaside Heights

10 Maryland Road, #6 Little Egg Harbor

68 Longman Street, Toms River

4 Chesapeake Court, Little Egg Harbor

1458 Paul Blvd, Manahawkin

63 Kearney Ave, Seaside Heights

210 Blaine Ave, Seaside Heights

29 W. Boat Dr., Little Egg Harbor

1108 Barnegat Ave., Seaside Heights NJ

1650 Route 35 North, Ortley Beach NJ

607 McKinley Ave., Toms River NJ

20 Tunes Brook Drive, Brick NJ

2234 Middle Ave., Point Pleasant NJ

223 Carteret Ave., Seaside Heights NJ

3145 Powhatan Ave., Point Pleasant NJ

51/55 Sampson Ave., Seaside Heights NJ

10 NE Central Ave., Seaside Park NJ

512 Stone Harbor Avenue, Ocean Gate NJ

27 Grant Avenue, Seaside Heights NJ

23 Fielder Ave., Seaside Heights

308 Franklin Ave., Seaside Heights

133 East Mohawk Dr., Little Egg Harbor

307 Webster Ave., Seaside Heights

225 Franklin Ave., Seaside Heights

105 Ocean Ter., Seaside Heights

33 Sampson Ave., Seaside Heights

119 Atlantic Ave., Point Pleasant Beach

27 Grant Ave., Seaside Heights

120 E. Hudson Dr., Little Egg Harbor

604 Boulevard, Seaside Heights

24 Walkill Rd., Little Egg Harbor

322 Blaine Avenue, Seaside Heights

34 W. Dory Dr., Little Egg Harbor