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Supplemental Fund

The Supplemental Fund is a source of funding within the RREM Program and LMI Program that is designed to eliminate financial barriers preventing applicants in these Programs from completing construction by supplementing their grant award with additional reasonable and necessary funding to finish their project.

Applicants may apply for the Supplemental Fund through an online application portal beginning in June 2019. As part of the application process, applicants will be required to submit a copy of their executed construction contract(s), inclusive of a contractor-developed payment schedule with dates; documented changes in Duplication of Benefits (DOB) not previously submitted to the Programs; and non-Program funding available to complete the project. The New Jersey Department of Community Affairs (DCA) reserves the right to reject an application for the Supplemental Fund if the existing executed construction contract lacks detailed scope.

All grant award funding must be disbursed, and all non-Program funds must be spent on the project prior to any Supplemental Funds being disbursed. The Supplemental Fund can only disburse funds to projects that can be completed. Applicants will not be limited to a specific number of payment requests through the Supplemental Fund. Supplemental Fund payments will be made after work is completed with submission of an unpaid invoice and all required supporting documentation. Project Managers will confirm completed work during site inspections in accordance with the contractor-developed payment schedule or once every forty-five (45) days upon applicant request. Applicants will be required to sign a Payment Acknowledgement form attesting that they are satisfied with the work and will pay their contractor within ten (10) days of receipt of funds. If applicants do not pay their contractor within the ten (10) day period, they may be withdrawn from the Programs for non-compliance and subject to return all disbursed Program funds.

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