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Step 6 – Construction

6-construction During construction, your RREM Project Manager will maintain communication with you to ensure you are proceeding with your construction work in compliance with program requirements. When you are ready to submit construction payment requests, you must submit proof of construction costs incurred to your RREM Project Manager. You will receive no more than two construction payments in addition to your Advance Payment and your reimbursement payment, if applicable. Once construction on your home has been completed, the RREM Program must be notified. Your RREM Project Manager will conduct a final program inspection to verify compliance with RREM Program guidelines. Upon passing inspection, the RREM Program will release the Restrictive Covenant placed on your property at the grant award signing.

To ensure that RREM Program projects are proceeding through construction as planned, the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs (DCA) has developed a Construction Progress Questionnaire that homeowners in the RREM Program are urged to complete. The questionnaire’s goal is to help the DCA better serve homeowners throughout the RREM construction process by identifying any issues that have arisen or may arise. Questions are written to gain insight into a RREM homeowner’s construction and cover topics such as design services, construction status, type of foundation, and relocation. Depending on the answer, the response may alert a homeowner’s RREM Project Manager to follow up with more information to address issues.

While completion of the Construction Progress Questionnaire is not required and completely optional, the DCA strongly encourages all RREM homeowners to complete the short questionnaire. To do the questionnaire, go to

Below are some common questions you may have for this step of the RREM Program process:

Can I ask for an extension if I am unable to complete construction, including elevation, from the date I signed my grant award?
Yes, an extension for time can be requested either by writing or emailing the DCA. You can request a six (6) month project deadline extension. Requests are subject to DCA approval and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. You must include any supporting documentation regarding personal hardship or reasonable construction delays with your extension request. Failure to complete construction after the approved extension may require you to return RREM grant award funds.

Please address written extension requests to:
Att: Director, Sandy Recovery Division Department of Community Affairs
PO Box 823 101 South Broad Street
Trenton, NJ 08625

or send an email to

I have more questions about construction, where can I find more information?
For more general information regarding the RREM Program and construction, please visit RREM Program’s Construction webpage.   Should the information provided on the Construction webpage not adequately address your question, please contact your RREM Project Manager for more information.

Commonly Used Documents:
Project Deadline Extension Form