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Step 5 – Meeting With RREM Project Manager


After you have signed your grant award, you will be contacted by your RREM Project Manager. The RREM Project Manager is responsible for ensuring that construction on your home complies with federal standards and for reviewing and approving payment requests for remaining grant funds. You and your RREM Project Manager will meet in person or discuss over the phone the next phase of the RREM Program.

At this meeting, you and the RREM Project Manager will discuss the remaining construction left to be completed on your home. You will be provided a copy of the Estimated Cost to Repair (ECR) that documents the specific work needed to be performed. The RREM Project Manager will inform you of the state and federal requirements and regulations regarding the remaining construction on your home. In order to participate in the RREM Program, you are required to comply with these state and federal requirements and must acknowledge that you will meet these standards. Additionally, you are shown how to submit an invoice and payment request to access your remaining RREM grant award. If you have not already done so, you can submit a request for an Advance Payment.

Below are some common questions you may have for this step of the RREM Program process:

How do I submit an invoice and payment request?

Upon completion of eligible work, you will submit to your RREM Project Manager a Homeowner’s Request for Payment form. You will be required to submit documentation regarding completed work (e.g. building permits, bills and invoices, photographs, etc). The RREM Project Manager reviews your payment request to ensure that the construction is complying with RREM Program requirements and to approve payment for eligible costs. You will receive no more than two payments in addition to your Advance Payment and your reimbursement payment, if applicable.

How will my builder be paid?

You will pay your contractor directly. You can use RREM funds to help pay the contractor. You will access your RREM grant award through payment requests made to your RREM Project Manager.

Who decides what repairs need to be made to my home?

The RREM Project Manager will determine the work that is required to repair your home in accordance with program standards. An Estimated Cost to Repair (ECR) document will be provided to you, itemizing the required repairs. As per federal requirements, the RREM Program only provides funding to costs that are “reasonable” and “necessary.”

Can I request upgrades during the building process?

You are able to upgrade your home as long as the conditions in the environmental clearance are not violated and the house complies with federal, state, and RREM Program construction standards. The program will only pay for eligible costs.

Can RREM help me get zoning approval and permits?

No, you are responsible for working with your builder to obtain proper permits and approvals necessary to begin construction. We suggest working with your builder to obtain the necessary documentation to begin construction.

How do I ensure my builder does not overcharge?

You are encouraged to read the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs Consumer Brief entitled “Hiring Home Improvement Contractors,” which has helpful tips to follow when hiring Home Improvement Contractors.

When do I have to turn off my utilities? Do I only shut them off if I have to elevate?

You will be required to contact your utility company to disconnect your utilities if you are elevating your home. We encourage you to contact your municipality for more information regarding how to properly disconnect your utilities during the permitting process.


Commonly Used Documents:

Certification of Construction Requirements

Contractor Addendum

Homeowner’s Request for Payment