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Step 3 – Eligibility Verification

3-eligibilityverificationIn addition to being scheduled for an Initial Site Inspection and a federally mandated environmental review, you will be mailed a pre-grant award packet and assigned a Housing Advisor to help guide you through the RREM Program progress. The Housing Advisor will work with you to collect the necessary documentation that is listed in the pre-grant award packet to confirm your eligibility for the RREM Program. To protect your privacy, please block out any personal identification information that is not necessary to your file such as Social Security Numbers, credit card information, etc. when providing documents.

You can review the  pre-grant Program Award Packet Instructions 

To be eligible for RREM assistance, you must meet the following eligibility factors:

  • Your Sandy-damaged primary residence must be located in one of nine (9) most impacted counties (Atlantic, Bergen, Cape May, Essex, Hudson, Middlesex, Monmouth, Ocean, Union).
  • You must have owned and occupied your storm-damaged home as your primary residence at the time of Superstorm Sandy. You must still own the damaged property.
  • Your primary residence must have sustained damage as a result of Superstorm Sandy with a Full Verified Loss (FVL) of at least $8,000 or had more than one foot of water on the first floor as determined by FEMA.
  • You must have registered for FEMA assistance and have a FEMA number.
  • You must have a household adjusted gross annual income of less than $250,000.

Below are some common questions you may have for this step of the RREM Program process:

What is the role of the Housing Advisor?

The Housing Advisor will assist you in navigating the RREM Program steps leading up to the grant award. If you have a specific question or issue, you can contact your Housing Advisor for guidance. When verifying your eligibility for RREM assistance, your Housing Advisor will document the necessary information so that you can be awarded a grant. Once the RREM Program has calculated your grant award, your Housing Advisor will meet with you to discuss any questions or concerns about the grant and the next steps in the program. Your Housing Advisor is a great resource for you to utilize up until the time you complete the program.

How do I prove that the home was my primary residence on October 29, 2012, the date that Superstorm Sandy hit the State of New Jersey?

Please reference the Program Award Packet Instructions for proper documentation.

How do I prove that I own the home and property?

Please reference the Program Award Packet Instructions for proper documentation.

What documents can I use as proof that my home was damaged over $8,000 or had 1 foot of water on the first floor due to Sandy?

Please reference the Program Award Packet Instructions for proper documentation.

If I do not have a FEMA number, can I apply for FEMA assistance now?

No. FEMA is no longer accepting applications for assistance related to Superstorm Sandy.

Do I need to provide documentation of what benefits (e.g. flood insurance, FEMA, etc.) I have received for construction?

Your Housing Advisor will discuss with you the required documents needed to verify what benefits you have received from other sources of funding. You should submit this information along with your eligibility documentation.

Does the RREM Program count funding I received for non-construction related expenses (e.g. rental assistance, contents, etc.) against me when determining my grant award?

No. The RREM Program only counts construction-related benefits when determining your grant award.

How is my personally identifiable information secured?

The RREM Program takes the privacy of all RREM applicants very seriously and we have security systems in place to protect your identity. However, we always encourage homeowners to take extra steps to protect their information. Therefore, when working with your Housing Advisor, take the time to block out any unnecessary identification information such as your Social Security Number, credit card numbers, and bank account numbers.

Commonly Used Documents:

Program Award Packet Instructions

Income Certification Form

Lead-Based Paint Notification Receipt #1 & #2

Substantial Damage Acknowledgement Form

Non-substantial Damage Acknowledgement Form

Form 7 – Verification of Disability