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Step 2 – Initial Site Inspection and Environmental Review


You have completed and returned the original copy of the Right of Entry Form and the Duplication of Benefits Questionnaire to the RREM Program at this point in the process. By returning these documents, you have confirmed your interest in participating in the RREM Program. You will be contacted by the State to schedule an environmental review and Initial Site Inspection as a result.



Below are some common questions you may have for this step of the RREM Program process:

What happens after I complete both the Right of Entry Form and the Duplication of Benefits Questionnaire?

Once the RREM Program has these documents, we will be contacting you to schedule an environmental review and Initial Site Inspection of your property.

What is an Initial Site Inspection?

An inspector from the RREM Program will meet with you at your property to inspect your house. This inspection is necessary to determine the cost estimates associated with rehabilitating, reconstructing, or elevating your house, where applicable. These estimated numbers are used when it comes time to put together your grant award calculation.

Please know that more than one inspector can be assigned to the Initial Site Inspection and schedule separate dates to conduct their portion of the inspection. It is possible for one inspector to do a general scope of work inspection and the other to complete a lead and asbestos Inspection.

How do I know if the inspector is from the RREM Program?

The inspector will show proper identification with a reNewJerseyStronger Identification badge upon arrival.

Do I have to be home when my Initial Site Inspection and environmental review are conducted?

For the Initial Site Inspection, a household member that is eighteen (18) years of age or older must be present, although we strongly recommend applicants be present to answer questions the inspector may have during the inspection.

For the environmental review, the inspector will not need to come inside the house, and therefore you are not required to be present for the review.

Why is an environmental review conducted on my property?

Any time federal CDBG Disaster Recovery funds are used, the federal government requires that the project comply with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). Under this Act, no reconstruction, rehabilitation, elevation or mitigation work is eligible for reimbursement or funding until an environmental review has been completed and a property environmentally cleared. The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is responsible for performing these federally mandated environmental reviews.

Do the environmental review and the Initial Site Inspection occur on the same day?

No. The environmental review and Initial Site Inspection are performed by separate staff and can occur on the same or different days. It varies based on the inspectors’ schedules.