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Step 1 – Notice of Funding

Step 1 Notice of Funding

You have submitted an application to the RREM Program at this point in the process and the State has begun the documentation process needed to ensure the eligibility of your application. The Notice of Funding letter that you have received is not a guarantee of grant approval, as the State must first confirm your eligibility, obtain a federally mandated environmental clearance of your property and assess the damages to your home before the State can determine how much assistance you may be able to receive.

Any documents that you complete must be mailed to reNewJerseyStronger, P.O. Box 32128, Newark, NJ 07102. In addition to mailing the forms, you can send an advance scanned copy by email or fax. The advanced copy should be emailed to or faxed to 1-855-463-8612. The original copies of the forms must be mailed regardless of whether you send an email or a fax. To protect your privacy, please block out any personal identification information that is not necessary to your file such as Social Security Numbers, Credit Card information, etc. when providing documents.

Below are some common questions you may have for this step of the RREM Program process:

I have completed all construction or am close to finishing construction on my home. Am I still eligible for the RREM Program?

Yes. Please be aware that starting construction work after submitting your application to the RREM Program will not affect your eligibility. However, starting construction work after submitting your RREM application may affect your total grant award, and what work can be reimbursed. Any work completed after the submission of your RREM application up until the completion of the federally mandated environmental review conducted by the NJ Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is ineligible for reimbursement under federal law. The White House Council on Environmental Quality (40 CFR 1506.1), which is federal law and is enforced by HUD, requires an environmental review be conducted on the property to ensure there are no negative impacts to the environment. The State encourages homeowners to wait to start construction until their property is environmentally cleared because it will maximize their potential RREM grant award.

The State’s request for flexibility with the environmental reviewed was denied by the federal government. Therefore, if you continued work after submitting your application and prior to your environmental clearance, that cost will have to be covered by you if the costs were incurred after submitting your RREM application.   Other resources such as personal funds or insurance can be used to cover the time period that is ineligible for reimbursement. The RREM grant will not be used to reimburse those costs.

What is the Right of Entry Form?

The Right of Entry Form provides the RREM Program permission to schedule an Initial Site Inspection and conduct a federally mandated environmental review (See Step 2: Initial Site Inspection and Environmental Review). The Program requires the Right of Entry Form be completed by each applicant to authorize the DEP and Program representatives to access your property to conduct their respective inspections and reviews.

Who is my witness on the Right of Entry Form?

The Right of Entry Form does not need to be notarized to be returned to the Program, but it needs to be dated and signed by you and the co-applicant, if applicable. The witness can be any adult, over the age of 18, who is present and physically observes when you sign the document.

What is the Duplication of Benefits Questionnaire?

The Duplication of Benefits Questionnaire is a document that you are required to complete. This document captures information pertaining to any additional funds you have received to repair your damaged home including insurance, FEMA and SBA assistance, and any assistance from other sources that were for repair of the structure.

What is the Voluntary Withdrawal Form?

If for any reason you do not wish to continue participating in the RREM Program, we request that you complete and return this form. By signing the Voluntary Withdrawal Form, you are acknowledging that you will be removed from consideration and further processing in the RREM Program. Please complete and return this form if it applies to you so that the RREM Program can use the funding that has been set aside for your application to assist a RREM applicant who is on the Program’s waitlist.

Commonly Used Forms:

Right of Entry Form & Instructions

Duplication of Benefits Questionnaire & Instructions

Voluntary Withdrawal Form