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Data by County

Homeowners, renters, businesses and communities in New Jersey continue to make progress in recovering from Superstorm Sandy with the assistance of CDBG-DR programs. The information on this web page shows the total amount of CDBG-DR funds disbursed by county. A separate chart breaks down by county the amount of CDBG-DR funds disbursed in the State’s two main housing recovery programs for homeowners whose primary residence was damaged by Sandy.

For additional data by recovery program and/or municipality, please use the left side navigation bar.

Data by County

All CDBG-DR Disbursed Funds by County
RREM Program and LMI Program Disbursed Funds by County

Full Dataset Access

For access to the full dataset of Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) funds, and National Disaster Resilience (CDBG-NDR) funds, please follow the link below to the New Jersey Office of the State Comptroller’s website:

New Jersey Sandy Transparency

This dataset includes information on the allocation, obligation, and disbursement of all CDBG-DR programs administered by the Department of Community Affairs in a spreadsheet format that users can sort, filter, and download.  Please use the “Funding Source” column to separate expenditures for CDBG-DR programs and CDBG-NDR programs.